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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Honda CB750 Cafe Racer # 8


  1. Bonjour,

    j'aimerai préparer ma seven-fifty dans le même esprit, je trouve cette préparation très réussie.

    --> savez vous où je peux trouver la même coque arrière ?


  2. Hi! the bike is just awesome! I wanna do one right here in portugal :) and i really like your's, because it ...its just perfect man.

    Did you make the seat or bought it already done?
    How did you lower the light and speedometer? do you have detailed pictures? battery place :/
    wich exhaust is that?

    that would be great, i would really appreciate it cause i'm buying one and its gonna be just like yours :) thank's BLOG guys ;)

    1. That bike is just bitchin'! Love everything about it. I agree, it is definately the best looking one I've seen as well. I would also love to see more pictures of it. I don't want to copy your bike, but would love to use it for ideas and inspiration. Please send me more info and pics to I would much appreciate it!
      Thank you,

  3. I am building a CB750 cafe racer, and this is by far the best looking one I have ever seen. I would love to know 3 things if possible. The gas tank and seat (custom made or did you order from one of the many vendors?). What type of swing arm are you utilizing? And where did you get your taillight/blinkers? Love the way they are so hidden - yet look quite effective.


  4. Would love to know about that gas tank and seat as well. Any chance you would be willing to share?

  5. I have 95 nighthawk and the tank doesn't look like that?


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